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About us

Vision & Mission

We are committed to promoting ethically robust neuroscientific research and practice, one that is aware of the ethical, philosophical, social, and regulatory issues that it can raise and is willing to address them. We believe that the creation of an open and inclusive space for reflection and action is key. To that end, our objectives are:

  • To bring together specialists from different disciplines and regions to collaboratively address the ethical, philosophical, and regulatory issues raised by neuroscience research and its applications.

  • To identify and address neuroethical issues and develop activities to engage diverse publics in order to achieve a productive interaction and a richer approach to the relevant

  • To conduct neuroethics research both empirical and conceptual.

  • To create, design, and offer courses, training modules, and diverse educational tools tailored to the needs of diverse publics.

News & Updates

Formal collaboration with Asociación Mexicana de Neuroética (AMNE)

NEBA (Neuroethics Buenos Aires) is pleased to announce a new activity in collaboration with the Mexican Association of Neuroethics (AMNE). The goal  is to promote awareness of and reflection on the  medical, ethical, philosophical, legal, social, cultural, economic, and public policy challenges raised by the development and use of neuroscience, neurotechnology, and artificial intelligence.
To this end, we are starting  a series of online dialogues: Neuroethics Among Friends. These are informal conversations intended to invite reflection and encourage the active involvement of diverse audiences.
Neuroethics Among Friends will be of interest to anyone interested in thinking and discussing the issues and challenges posed by brain research and the development of related technologies.

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