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Dr. Arleen Salles


Selected Publications (since 2016)

  1. Salles A. (2023) Neuroethics and Culture. In Neuroethics and Cultural Diversity. Ed. M. Farisco (NY: ISTE WILEY)

  2. Castelli P. Guinjoan S. Wajnerman Paz A. Salles A (2023) Neuroethics and Cultural Context: The case of electroconvulsive therapy in Argentina. Developing World Bioethics DOI: 10.1111/dewb.12412

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  6. Ulnicane I. Mahfoud T. Salles A. (2022) Experimentation, learning, and dialogue: an RRI-inspired approach to dual-use of concern, Journal of Responsible Innovation, DOI: 10.1080/23299460.2022.2094071

  7. Farisco M, Salles A. (2022) American and European Guidelines on Disorders of Consciousness: ethical challenges of implementation. Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation.

  8. Rommelfanger K. Pustilnik A. Salles A (2022) Mind the Gap: Lessons Learned from Neurorights.

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  22. Salles A. Farisco M. Evers K. (2018) Neuroethics and Philosophy in Responsible Research and Innovation: the case of the HBP. Neuroethics

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  28. Salles A. Brain Imaging and Privacy Concerns. En Eds. M. Farisco and K. Evers, Neurotechnology and Direct Brain Communication (New York, Routledge, 2016).

Dr. Arleen Salles
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