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Dr. Mallory Carlu-Gérémie


Carlu, M., Chehab, O., Dalla Porta, L., Depannemaecker, D., Héricé, C., Jedynak, M., ... & Di Volo, M. (2020). A mean-field approach to the dynamics of networks of complex neurons, from nonlinear Integrate-and-Fire to Hodgkin–Huxley models. Journal of Neurophysiology, 123(3), 1042-1051.

Depannemaecker, D., Carlu, M., Bouté, J., & Destexhe, A. (2022). A model for the propagation of seizure activity in normal brain tissue. eneuro, 9(6).

Carlu, M., Ginelli, F., Lucarini, V., & Politi, A. (2019). Lyapunov analysis of multiscale dynamics: the slow bundle of the two-scale Lorenz 96 model. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 26(2), 73-89.

Carlu, M., Ginelli, F., & Politi, A. (2018). Origin and scaling of chaos in weakly coupled phase oscillators. Physical Review E, 97(1), 012203.

Dr. Mallory Carlu-Gérémie
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